Chronicles of the Damned started as an idea for a comic book series. The plot was researched for six years, character sketches were done, and then the project was abandoned. A few years later the story was resuscitated as a six book series of novels. Immerse yourself in a tale spanning over five thousand years told through the experiences of supernatural individuals from across the world and time.

Chronicles of the Damned

In Chronicles of the Damned, the first book in the series, each of the central personalities are introduced in a collection of short stories detailing events in the life of Bruno Casta; the oldest known Canis (commonly referred to as werewolves) in existence.

In Chronicles of the Damned: Invidia, the series picks up where the first book left off and details the experiences of Katrina, the New Minority's most feared assassin. Read Chronicles of the Damned and discover a war between the Canis and the Legion that has been waged in the fringes of human history since the beginning of time.